SEO Training Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions about my SEO Course

Answers to questions I sometimes get asked.

When I have completed your course will I be able to optimise my website so that it appears first page Google for Iphone Repairs ?
Yes, and for any other keywords you want to target.

Why should I choose your SEO Training course over the many others available ?
My course is unique in that I only cover what is necessary to achieve first page Google positions for your targeted keywords. I do not pad my course out to bump up the cost.
By holding the course onsite at your premises we can actually optimise your website during my time with you this way giving you hands on practical SEO knowledge.
I also provide unlimited telephone and email support afterwards covering any questions you may have.

Will you be covering Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing ?
Internet marketing methods are not necessary to achieve a first page Google result for a website. However if this is something you specifically want to know about then they can be covered.

Will you be covering the latest Google Algorythm update ?
No, there’s no need. Google makes updates to its algorythm every so often so that when a search is made it produces a more relevant result.
One of the ways it does this is by weeding out the websites that have used Black Hat – unethical SEO techniques to achieve first page results. So, providing that the SEO techniques you have used are acceptable to Google you have no need to worry anytime Google updates its algorythm.

When Google updates its algorythm it may have a temporary effect on your positions while it adjusts the results and removes the Black Hat websites. But if your positions do drop slightly they will return once the Google results settle down and become static again.

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